7 Healthy Life Hacks for Digital Nomads

Life as a digital nomad is a dream lifestyle built on freedom and flexibility, but we all know it’s not always beer and skittles. Long hours spent hunched over a laptop or folded into a plane seat can be challenging for your body. Fitness routines can be hard to set when you travel. As a result, your healthy life can suffer. Fortunately, with some simple strategies, it doesn’t have to.

I am a physiotherapist, as well as a digital nomad. I have found that these 7 digital nomad life hacks help to keep me in tip top shape while travelling and gadgeting.


The Tiny Tower

I backed this folding laptop stand on Kickstarter and am looking forward to taking delivery of it soon. With a slim line keyboard and track pad, my ergonomic travel kit will be complete. I can then turn my macbook air into a desktop comfort station. Crunched-over-posture be gone!



For those who need a bigger screen but can’t fit one in their backpack, the SPUD could be for you. This compact, pop up big screen means less craning forward and is therefore much better for your neck.


Apple watch

A few months ago I got an Apple watch. I wasn’t sure how useful it would be, but I have been supremely impressed with the ‘activity rings’ feature. The rings remind me to stand every hour, be more generally active, and get 30 minutes of exercise each day. A quick check of the rings motivates me to get moving. The aim: ‘close the rings’ everyday.


Tummy time

With computer based work, I spend a lot of time sitting. My physio background tells me that my spine MUST spend time arching back the other way to remain healthy. So whenever I can find a spot to lie on my tummy, I do. Airport, banana lounge or hotel room floor, lying propped on my elbows is a really important habit I have built. My back is great.


YDL app

one thing I miss ‘on the road’ is having a local yoga studio to attend. Discovering the YDL app was a win because now I can access a range of 20 minute yoga sessions on my phone for free. I can even download them for offline viewing. I pop the phone on my mini tripod beside my mat, and away I go! Namaste.


Online Physio

OK full disclosure here, this is my business baby. I developed it because I wanted people to be able to access quality injury management from their laptop wherever in the world they are. Niggly neck? Sprained ankle? Online Physio has you covered. A qualified physio will guide you through your recovery, even if you are in a different country every day.


Datashell Backpack

This bag has changed my travel life. I had always been torn between two options for my primary travel laptop bag. A satchel style laptop bag looks more professional, but loads one shoulder really unevenly. A back pack is a much better way to carry the load more efficiently, but it makes me look like a uni student, not a serious health entrepreneur. The Datashell bag changed all that. It’s a backpack when I’m in travel mode, and a satchel when I am in meeting mode. It also has room for all, and I mean all, of my cords, adaptors, back up drives and other gadgetry.


I adore being a digital nomad, and wouldn’t have it any other way, and with simple things in place, I can stay happy and healthy despite all of the travel. Hopefully some of these tips can help you in your journey too. If I have missed any, be sure to let me know.

-Karen Finnin