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Head and Neck

How Laptop Users Can Avoid Neck Pain

by Sarah Beck, Physiotherapist   In a live Facebook video, Karen Finnin, founder of Online.Physio and musculoskeletal physiotherapist, broke down a recent review of neck pain in office workers by Chen and colleagues (2018). Karen spoke about the interventions that have been shown to work for neck pain rehabilitation in computer users, and noted the areas…

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The 7 Stretches All Laptop Users Should Do

Despite the negative sentiment that we often hear, laptop use can be safe, fun, and an amazing way to live a life of flexibility.   With a few simple things in place, the impact from working on a laptop can be minimized.   One way to prevent injury is through regular computer breaks, teamed with…

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How to Fix Neck Pain in Laptop Users

As a Physiotherapist I try to keep my finger on the pulse of new research coming out that may affect the way I can help people to mange their injuries. Being a digital nomad, I have a keen interest in how laptop use impacts the body. This week I was very interested, therefore, to read…

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What Is The Tech Trap and Are You At Risk?

These days, digital gadgets dominate our lives: smartphones, smart watches, tablets and laptops. An ever-increasing number of people tap into at least one of these gadgets daily. Many use three or four.   These gadgets have revolutionized the way we work. Idle time can now be productive, alone time can be shared with others and…

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Who To See About Your Neck Pain

If you have neck pain, it is important to know when the injury requires more than your own basic management, and where to go to for help.   Neck pain may sneak up on you gradually, or hit you all of a sudden. Pain can be simply due to muscle tension, or from damage to…

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7 Ways to Combat Tight, Achy Muscles

Are you feeling tight and sore in your muscles?   It could be knots in the tops of the shoulders, a tightness in the lower back or a nagging ache in your calves. Perhaps it’s an uncomfortable feeling between your shoulder blades, or sore hamstrings from that run you did on the weekend.   You…

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Ergonomic Laptop Set Up For Digital Nomads

The café office…the backpack laptop…the beachfront deadline…Being a digital nomad certainly has it’s perks. The lifestyle choice to abandon a permanent work location in favor of a geographically liberated mobile workstation is rapidly gaining popularity.   Despite the freedom, however, being a digital nomad is not without it’s challenges. As a physio, the one that…

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Woke up with pain in your neck?

Have you ever woken up with intense neck pain? Find you are suddenly unable to turn your head? Ever yawn and experience a sudden grab in your neck? How about a niggle in your neck that just won’t go away? If you have experienced any of these things, I’m sure you will agree – neck…

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Headaches come in a number of different varieties, all with the common denominator of a pain in the head. From a physiotherapy point of view, it is important to ascertain what category a headache falls into, as this can determine the degree to which manual therapy can help. Some of the main headache types are:…

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