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Lower Leg

Foam Roller Exercises – Fad or Fab?

Fitness trends come and go, and it can be hard to work out which ones are going to stick and which ones aren’t. It seems that everyone in the health and fitness world is spruiking foam roller exercises at the moment, so I am going to give you a Physiotherapist’s take on the phenomenon.  …

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7 Ways to Combat Tight, Achy Muscles

Are you feeling tight and sore in your muscles?   It could be knots in the tops of the shoulders, a tightness in the lower back or a nagging ache in your calves. Perhaps it’s an uncomfortable feeling between your shoulder blades, or sore hamstrings from that run you did on the weekend.   You…

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Shin Pain- What goes wrong

It’s New Year’s Day. You have a hangover, but you vow to start jogging again tomorrow to carry out your resolution to get fit. You head out for a run every day of the next week. You are picturing how hot you will soon look in your swimmers, and after a day or two off,…

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Shin pain – what to do

Take action before you break The solution to avoiding shin pain is easy––don’t do too much too soon! So, what is too much, and what is too soon? There is no specific exercise to add to our list of preventative actions, rather, we have a short list of points to follow when introducing or changing…

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