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Mid Back and Chest

The 7 Stretches All Laptop Users Should Do

Despite the negative sentiment that we often hear, laptop use can be safe, fun, and an amazing way to live a life of flexibility.   With a few simple things in place, the impact from working on a laptop can be minimized.   One way to prevent injury is through regular computer breaks, teamed with…

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What Is The Tech Trap and Are You At Risk?

These days, digital gadgets dominate our lives: smartphones, smart watches, tablets and laptops. An ever-increasing number of people tap into at least one of these gadgets daily. Many use three or four.   These gadgets have revolutionized the way we work. Idle time can now be productive, alone time can be shared with others and…

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Foam Roller Exercises – Fad or Fab?

Fitness trends come and go, and it can be hard to work out which ones are going to stick and which ones aren’t. It seems that everyone in the health and fitness world is spruiking foam roller exercises at the moment, so I am going to give you a Physiotherapist’s take on the phenomenon.  …

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7 Ways to Combat Tight, Achy Muscles

Are you feeling tight and sore in your muscles?   It could be knots in the tops of the shoulders, a tightness in the lower back or a nagging ache in your calves. Perhaps it’s an uncomfortable feeling between your shoulder blades, or sore hamstrings from that run you did on the weekend.   You…

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