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Wrist and Hand

The 7 Stretches All Laptop Users Should Do

Despite the negative sentiment that we often hear, laptop use can be safe, fun, and an amazing way to live a life of flexibility.   With a few simple things in place, the impact from working on a laptop can be minimized.   One way to prevent injury is through regular computer breaks, teamed with…

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Ergonomic Laptop Set Up For Digital Nomads

The café office…the backpack laptop…the beachfront deadline…Being a digital nomad certainly has it’s perks. The lifestyle choice to abandon a permanent work location in favor of a geographically liberated mobile workstation is rapidly gaining popularity.   Despite the freedom, however, being a digital nomad is not without it’s challenges. As a physio, the one that…

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About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Have you ever had pins and needles? Most people have at some point – you sit on your leg for too long and end up with a raging tingle in your foot. It’s painful and annoying, but if you wiggle it around a bit, it goes away after a little while. But what if it…

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