Do You Need To Seek Treatment For A Calf Tear?

In short, yes! It is important to seek treatment for a calf tear. A physiotherapist specializes in musculoskeletal injuries. They are the best person to help you with your rehabilitation.

The human body is amazing and while you're reading this blog, it will have already begun the healing process. Actually, the healing process began as soon as the injury occurred. The body recruits white blood cells to essentially patch up the tear with some pretty good duct tape. Unfortunately, that is as far as this amazing process will get you. Below I’ve outlined reasons WHY you need to rehabilitate your calf tear further.




There are a few good reasons why you should seek treatment. Firstly, it will assist with the healing. Your body will start to produce scar tissue to repair the tear. This process can take up to six weeks to fully repair. Scar tissue is placed down in a disorganized fashion. Rehabilitation will help re-align the scar tissue fibers with the rest of the muscle fibers.


Secondly, scar tissue is weaker than your muscle fibers. Therefore, without proper rehabilitation the injured area will remain weaker than the rest of the muscle. This weakness leaves your calf muscle vulnerable to re-injury. Rehabilitation is an important factor for preventing another tear.


Lastly, due to this weakness your calf works less effectively. This means from walking to jogging to sport your calf won’t be as strong as before.


Do these reasons motivate you to rehab your calf tear further than the natural healing process? I guess if you want to get back to your sport or feel confident you can do all the activities you did before, like run after your kids or kick a casual footy, then you’ll need to seek treatment.


What To Expect From Your Calf Tear Rehab


Be prepared to do some of the hard work. You’ll be doing exercises at home that may include:

Calf raises

Aim for 30. Once that’s easy, try a single leg calf raise. Aim for 30 on each leg.

calf raise                                                 

Calf stretch

Hold for 30 secs.

calf stretch


The physio will also do some hands-on treatment that may include massage and taping.


I hope this blog has given you plenty reasons to seek treatment. Good Luck ????

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