Fitness Gadgets That Never Should Have Been Invented

Ever been sucked into an infomercial product late at night? (Yes!)

Ever bought a fitness gadget with the best of intentions?

The ads proclaim to give you 6-pack abs, flawless toned muscles and even a tan just from using this one gadget.

Sounds too good to be true. Sorry but it is.

They just aren't as effective as they seem.

I've found the worst of the worst fitness gadgets that never should have existed!!


Shake weight

Embarrassed to wear a dress or top that reveals your flabby arms? Creators of the shake weight have designed a weight that shakes your muscles using dynamic inertia (sounds scientific right?). By using their 6 min DVD program your arms will get toned in no time.


The weight only comes in 5Ib for women and 10Ib for men. It has no way of adding additional weight, making it impossible to progress your strength past a certain point. This is because your muscles require continued changes in resistance and types of muscular contractions to increase strength.


The Frog

The Frog is advertised as a "Total Body Training Device." With different weight resistance bands attached to wheels it allows you to challenge every muscle in your body. It can be used to perform a large variety of exercises and can continue to progress your fitness. Impressive to watch this machine in action!


Firstly it costs AUD$2102.56. What?! If you're thinking of equipment to use at home this is an investment. It appears to me that you need a decent fitness base to begin using The Frog. Meaning more potential for injuries if not used correctly as you're not supported in any way. Finally, you look like a bit of a frog doing it!



Slendertone uses clinically proven EMS technology to engage all 4 abdominal muscles through a simple belt. You can use it when your watching tv at night, when your working at the office or when your taking the dog for a walk. During your everyday tasks the Slendertone is hard at work to build your 6-pack abs. Amazing!


To get the results their ads suggest is definitely false advertising. Especially if you use it passively. The technology is proven to activate muscles and is used in the medical field for rehabilitation purposes. However, in order to get that 6-pack you desire, you'll need more then passive muscle activation. Combined with The Frog though?


To get the body you're after, take it from a physiotherapist, you don't need gimmicky equipment or trends. You need S.M.A.R.T goals and no to minimal equipment. It's not the equipment that gets you the body, but the effort and time you put in.

Already got one of these gadgets? ???? Well you might as well use it. Get the right advice to use your equipment safely. Use it alongside a whole body exercise program and you'll get that functional body you're after.