Back Care for Farmers

If you need to protect your back, but can't get to a physio, then this program is for you

Experts in back care

Online physiotherapists specialise in managing injuries from a distance. We have put together an exercise based program designed to build strength and mobility in your back and to prevent injury.

You Fix Machinery, We Fix You.

There is no such thing as annual leave when you work on the land. Let us help you to keep your back functioning well.

Protect your back

A healthy back is key to functioning well and achieving what you need to each day. Back pain can be debilitating, but is easy to prevent.  

Easy to Follow

The exercises in the back care program have been hand selected by our experienced physiotherapists. 

Online Program

The back care program will be sent straight to a free app on your phone or ipad. It will be at your fingertips when you need it.

Feature Packed

Watch videos of the exercises, set reminders to exercise and view sessions completed, all directly on your phone or ipad.

Back Care for Farmers Program

This is an exercise based program, sent straight to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It will guide you through videos of the exercises you should complete, along with number of repetitions, and how often you should complete them. The exercises are hand chosen by our experienced physiotherapists, and are designed to maintain and/or improve the mobility and strength of your spine. This can aid in injury prevention. 


How much is your back health worth to you?

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