Want Instant Relief from your Aches and pains?

You won't believe how good you will feel after doing this...

We hear you:

Life is busy. You slump onto the couch at the end of each day and your mind goes straight to the parts of you that ache. If only you went to sleep being professionally massaged each night. 

It could be knots in the tops of the shoulders, a tightness in the lower back or an annoying ache in your calves. Perhaps it's the feeling of a knife between your shoulder blades, or sore hamstrings from that run you did on the weekend.

You wonder if it's normal to feel this way. To ache all the time.

It's not.

Muscle aches and pains tend to be caused by three main things:

muscle shortening

Spend alot of time sitting? Or perhaps you stand all day? Maybe you cycle for hours? When you spend alot of time in certain positions, the muscles that hold you there get tight.

Repetitive use and stress

A muscle that is used alot gets tight. If you repeatedly type, jog, carry a bag or use a mouse, you will increase your muscle tension over time. Stress also increases tightness in muscles.

lack of recovery

Our muscles will protest if they are not given opportunities to recover. Heat, ice, stretching, massage and swimming are great ways to recover muscles. But do we do them?

Tight muscles are distracting and exhausting. They affect your performance at work and during sport.

Muscle tightness can very easily lead to injury if it is not managed.

Please don’t stress

I am an experienced Physiotherapist. I have safely managed the injuries of thousands of people over the last 19 years, and now I have designed a program for people just like you:

The Instant Relief Foam Roller Program 


Use of a foam roller is an effective and simple way to release and recover your muscles. The roller is made of a lightweight, dense foam and by 'rolling' your body parts over it, you can have the same impact on your muscles that a massage can.

A foam roller can be inexpensively purchased online, obtained in a department store, or used for free in your local gym. It is not included in this Program.

We all know a piece of equipment is nothing without the right instructions to use it.

This is where the Instant Relief Foam Roller Program comes in.

These exercises are not gimmicky, unsafe exercises hastily put together by the manufacturer's office assistant. These are hand chosen exercises, designed and instructed by a qualified Physiotherapist.

This ensures that they are safe and effective.

Instant Relief Foam Roller Program

The instant relief foam roller program contains:

12 foam roller exercises carefully selected by a Physiotherapist

Delivery via a PDF so you can view it on your gadgets or print it out

Clear instructions with recommended reps and durations

This FREE Foam Roller Program will help you by:

Relieving the pain, which will stop you feeling so tired
Decreasing muscle tightness so you no longer feel those 'knots'
Improving your range of movement so you feel freer and function better

The Instant Relief Foam Roller Guide completely removes the uncertainty you have around use your foam roller. Written by an experienced Physiotherapist, this guide will show you how to get the same relief as a massage, from the comfort of your lounge room, office or hotel room.

Don’t let the pain of achy muscles impact your energy levels, productivity and performance any longer.

Get your FREE Instant Relief Foam Roller Program today.

YES! I’m ready to take the right steps with my achy muscles