Is laptop use harming you?

Your body could be a ticking time bomb if you work on a laptop...


Watch Out:

Living a mobile digital life gives you great freedom, but the cumulative effects of laptop use can lead to pain, injury and even permanent disability. If you work on a laptop, are you taking the steps required to ensure your body does not break down?

As a physiotherapist, I have been distressed to witness a modern day plague of injuries caused by prolonged gadget use. With the spine and the arms predominantly at risk, most laptop users are completely oblivious to the dangers involved...

Until it's too late

These are the types of injures commonly caused by prolonged laptop use:

Low Back Pain

When you spend alot of time sitting, the structures in your lower back are under alot of stress. The can lead to damage and surgery.

Mid back pain

Ever feel knots between your shoulder blades, or the feeling of a knife in your back? You are already showing signs of overload to your mid back.

Neck Pain

Looking down at a laptop screen puts massive load on the delicate structures in the base of your neck. This can impact the nerves in your arms.

wrist & Hand pain

Between typing, texting and scrolling, our hands are always active. This repetitive movement can lead to overload, pain, swelling and numbness.

These injuries are distressing, costly and put a massive hole in your productivity and income. Can you afford the risk?

Don't worry - you can take control

I am an experienced Physiotherapist. I have safely managed the injuries of thousands of people over the last 19 years, and now I have designed a program to prevent these injuries from happening in the first place:

My Healthy Laptop Life

-The Ultimate How to Guide for Healthy Laptop Use 

My Healthy Laptop Life is a 3 part course that teaches you the tips, equipment and exercises required to ensure that your laptop use is safe for your body.

Using an innovative platform with a combination of written, photo and video based learning, this program is designed by an experienced physiotherapist, ensuring that all of the advice is evidence based, safe and effective. 



What's in My Healthy Laptop Life?

injury lessons

Discover what causes low back pain, mid back pain, neck pain and wrist pain and how to avoid them all


Case Studies

Case Studies to understand concepts and enhance your learning




The fast start guide to ideal desk ergonomics


equipment guide


The insiders guide to the best portable gadgets to enhance your laptop setup



Exercise Program


The ultimate exercise program to neutralise the effects of laptop use


life hacks


Lifestyle hacks to make you injury proof


learning platform


Interactive learning platform with written, photographic and video based content 


Device Friendly


Learn on your laptop, tablet or phone at your own pace


The Program will help you by:

Showing you what can go wrong with your body and how to avoid it
Giving you fool proof exercises to keep your body healthy
Providing you with the ultimate equipment guide for laptop set up

My Healthy Laptop Life completely removes the uncertainty you have around using your laptop. Written by an experienced Physiotherapist, this guide will show you what parts of you could break, what to do to avoid it, and what equipment you need to get set up like a boss.

Don’t let the pain and uncertainty of prolonged laptop use impact your energy levels, productivity and performance any longer.

Get access to My Healthy Laptop Life today.

YES! I’m ready to take the right steps with my laptop set up