My ‘Must Pack’ Guide for Healthy Laptop Travels


I am currently in China visiting my husband Dan, who is working in Shanghai for a while. Naturally I am doing some work on the laptop while I am here, so I thought I would share with you some of my ‘must pack’ items that I travel with. These items help me to work on my laptop yet also look after my health while on the road.

Obviously the most important thing for ‘must pack’ items is that they are compact and portable. Noone likes a heavy suitcase, right?


Bakballs – When I sit at my laptop a lot, I tend to get tight and sore between my shoulder blades. In Physio terms, this is due to stiffening of the joints in the mid back, and tightness in the postural muscles that hold me up.
By lying over my Bakballs, I can mobilise these joints, and release the muscles.


Theraband resistance tubing – I walk alot for exercise when I am travelling, but that doesn’t keep my muscles strong. My black theratube is the highest resistance level of exercise band, and I can use it to work on arm and leg strength in my hotel room. No need to even visit the hotel gym. If you want a demo, watch this video



Tiny Tower – My Tiny Tower packs flat, but quickly rises to the occasion when I need to elevate my laptop screen to eye level for more comfortable use. The fact that it looks so sleek and cool with my Mac is the icing on top. You can see my demo of the Tiny Tower here


Mac Keyboard and track pad – Last year I upgraded to the latest model Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad. They pack flatter than the old design, and recharge with an iphone recharging cord, rather than needing batteries. These are both features that make them even better to travel with. When paired with my Tiny Tower, my posture is looking great. I also found these great travel covers for the keyboard and trackpad.


Mini tripod and glif – I dabble in using app based exercise and yoga programs to give me inspiration to workout on the road. The main challenge I had was where to put my phone. I needed to see the instructor on the screen, yet not step on it. By popping my phone into my mini tripod and Glif setup (which I usually use for filming) I found it much easier to position it to workout. (This set up is also great for watching Nashville on my phone)



Everlast notepad and Fixion pens – When my Everlast notebook gets full of my handwritten ideas, lists and notes, I simply send digital copies of the pages to the cloud, wipe the pages clean, and start all over again. This is great news for my back, because I only ever need to carry one small notebook ever again. And the little entrepreneur lived happily ever after.


Power Packer – This gadget and cord holder is my new best friend. I can squish all of my tech accessories into this very forgiving, compact zip up case. The most important things inside are my mac friendly HDMI adaptor and VGA adaptor. Why? Because they mean I can plug my laptop into a TV or monitor anywhere and instantly supersize my screen. Pull out my external keyboard and trackpad and I’m in ergonomic heaven! Watch my power packer review here


I’m constantly on the lookout for new gadgets and tools to assist my healthy laptop life, so if you use something that rocks your travel world, please be sure to let me know.