Shin pain – what to do

Take action before you break

The solution to avoiding shin pain is easy––don’t do too much too soon! So, what is too much, and what is too soon?

There is no specific exercise to add to our list of preventative actions, rather, we have a short list of points to follow when introducing or changing your impact activity.

Injury Proof Toolkit:

Change your environment

  • Ensure your running shoes are not more than six months old and have been fitted by a reputable sports shoe store.


Change your habits

  • If you are starting from scratch, start gradually; this is different for everyone, but as a rule of thumb, make your first few sessions about 70-80 percent of your max capacity.
  • Increase the impact activity by no more than 10 percent volume each week.
  • Perform the new or increasing impact activity on alternate days, for the first four to six weeks at least.
  • If you get an ache in your shins, take a few days off, then return to the activity at a decreased intensity provided it is pain free.