The 7 Stretches All Laptop Users Should Do

Despite the negative sentiment that we often hear, laptop use can be safe, fun, and an amazing way to live a life of flexibility.


With a few simple things in place, the impact from working on a laptop can be minimized.


One way to prevent injury is through regular computer breaks, teamed with a few simple stretches.


So what are the most important stretches all laptop users should do regularly?


They revolve around the areas of our body that are at risk of overload from laptop use:


  • Our wrists and hands from typing


  • Our lower back from being flexed into a chair


  • Our mid back from lack of movement


  • Our neck from peering forward at a screen


  • Our hips that get tight from being at a right angle all day


The best stretches are those that are easy to do at the desk.

Lying stretches are great, but are much less likely to get done during the work day.

So here is the list:


Click the link or image below to download your own printable copy of these exercises (no email required):

7 Stretches All Laptop Users Should Do