Top 3 Packable Items You Need To Keep Fit On The Road

Packable fitness items when on the road

I know how difficult it can be keeping fit when you’re on the road. Your routine is out of whack, you’re living out of a suitcase and you’d either prefer not to slug it out in the hotel gym or have surroundings too beautiful to waste in a gym. This was me a year ago, travelling up the East coast of Australia and living out of my 4WD. Besides strolling along beautiful beaches, I lacked any form of fitness routine and struggled to get started. I then remembered the advice I constantly give to my patients – the top 3 packable items you need to keep fit on the road!


A Plan

First of all, you need an achievable plan! Figure out how much time and how often you can realistically dedicate to your fitness. This could be 20 minutes a day or 1 hour 3 times a week – depending on your lifestyle and your fitness goals. Based on this, I often write out tailored exercises for my patients to follow. However, there are some great apps that can guide and set a program for you. I have personally used the ‘Sweat With Kayla’ app and ‘Nike + Training Club’ app. Both these apps can be tailored to time frames, require minimal to no equipment and are known to get you achieving your goals. That way when you find that motivation and precious time to exercise, you have a plan and even a digital personal trainer to allow you to get moving. No more procrastinating!



Theraband, or any type of resistance bands, are super light weight and extremely versatile. A theraband will allow you to strengthen and stretch any part of your body in any location. Whether you’re working from your laptop over looking crystal clear oceans or in a hotel after a 14 hour flight, this is a very valuable item when on the road. I’d recommend a stronger theraband, such as the black, allowing you to get the most resistance from your work out. Therabands are by far my favourite packable item as there is just so much you can do with them to make your exercises harder and more effective.


Spikey ball

So you’ve dedicated the time to your fitness goals and you’ve got a great program utilising your theraband, now how do you manage those tight, sore muscles when on the road? A spikey ball! This is another one of my favourite, packable items you really shouldn’t travel without. I’ve gotten countless patients taking spikey balls on holidays, when travelling for work and even sitting on their work stations. This little ball is your personal massage therapist that’s a must-have when on the road.


There is really no excuse to not keep fit when on the road. It just takes a little planning and finding the right packable items to keep in your suitcase. If you’re unsure and in need of advice, Online.Physio can help tailor a program for you. Using our online consultation process, we can advise you on a program based on your goals, injury history and correct technique to ensure you get the best results.


Good luck on your fitness journey!