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Hello everyone, how are you going? Karen Finnin here, Physiotherapist and Director of Online Physio


So I do a bit of traveling, I do a fair bit of working from my laptop, and I’m also a

Physiotherapist, and what this does is gives me a really great interest into all the things that we hear about gadget use:


‘Is laptop use bad for us?

Are we doing too much gadgeting?

Are we going to be hurting our neck?

Are we going to be causing health issues?’


So I have a bit of a passion about finding the balance between the hype and what really can impact our health in terms of laptop use.


So I’m a digital nomad myself. I do a lot of travel, and work on a laptop but

obviously with my Physio background very mindful of health, and it’s not just a

simple equation – a lot of people look at it as the volume of time that you spend

at your laptop determining, you know, whether it’s dangerous or not, but in

fact many other things come into it.


How fit and healthy are you otherwise?

What sort of activity are you doing otherwise?

How much are you breaking up that time?

And even down to things like Are you doing strength work?

Are you doing stretching?


Another element of the digital nomad lifestyle is the carrying.

So we’re often carrying a lot of tech gear around. How are we

carrying and lugging that around?


So what I ended up doing to answer this question that many people have is put together the Laptop Lifestyle Health Quiz. So all this does, it’s just a series of a few questions to ask you about your computer habits, your carrying habits, your fitness and lifestyle habits, to put together a bit of an overview of where in the risk level that you fit in.


Are you doing enough to actually keep your body healthy, or is actually at the end of the day the volumes and the amounts of things that you’re doing putting you at risk?


So that’s over at www.online.physio


Just head to the www.www.online.physio and you can take the Laptop Lifestyle Health Quiz and work out whether your lifestyle is putting you at risk.


You certainly don’t want to stop enjoying that fabulous lifestyle, so by

putting a few things in place you can ensure that your body keeps you going

through it all. So go try the quiz, see how you go. If you’ve got any questions be sure to let me know.


I’ll see you next time guys. Bye


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