An important stretch for your hardworking feet


Hi everyone, how are you going?
Karen Finnin here, Physiotherapist and Director of Online Physio. So what am I doing here?
Well actually I’m doing a stretch that everyone should do, but most people forget to.
Our feet – we’re on them all day every day and more than ever we’re wearing shoes when we do that.
What this means is our feet don’t naturally get the ability to stretch out, to mould to our environment, to move in more free ways than they can when we’ve actually got shoes on our feet.
So this is a little stretch that most people never even think to do.
However, the consequences of tight arches that get stiff over time can be really nasty, particularly with a condition called plantar fasciitis where there can be incredible pain in the arch of the foot eliminating the amount that you can walk around, and steps that you can take.
How horrible would that be?
Be smarter, prevent it first, and do a little bit of this stretch. I do this at the end of each day and it’s never all that comfortable but it’s really important for my feet.
What am I doing?
Well you can see I’ve tucked my toes underneath, and I kneel back on my ‘haunches’ so to speak.
What this does is puts a stretch through the arch of the foot. It should just be a gentle pulling feeling, or a stretching feeling.
There shouldn’t be any pain associated with it. If there is, have a chat to your health professional.
I would spend at least 30 seconds in this position.
If it gets a little uncomfortable, I might have a rest from it, wiggle my toes a little bit, but then I try and do another 30 second stint like this.
If tucking your toes under and sitting on them like this is a bit too uncomfortable for you, then you can just lean forward to start with.
Just get them into a position where the toes are tucked up.
You might lean on the bench or lean on a chair, and see if you can progress to the point where you can actually put your body weight through it.
This is something that you should do at the end of every day.
So make sure your feet get the stretch they need after carrying you around, doing all your adventures, all day every day.
I hope that’s helpful. I look forward to chatting to you again next time.
See you later. Bye!


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