Do You Really Have A Knot In Your Muscle?


Hi everyone, how are you going?

Karen Finnin here, Physiotherapist and Director of Online Physio.

Welcome to our new series of videos called Body Myths.

So these are things that people wonder about in popular culture, so terminologies used, phrases that are used, perhaps they’re things that people have said to me over the years when they come into my physio practice, and I want to debunk some of those myths.

Now for start if you have anything that you’re wondering about, do feel free to email me or contact me through my social channels because I would love to debunk them for you here.

Today I’m gonna get started with the phrase “There’s a knot in my muscle”.

Something that we all say and let’s be honest, I even drop that term in as well, but I just wanted to clear up what this actually means.

Now if we look at a muscle being a bit like a thick rubbery rope, it’s attached completely.

It’s fused onto bone at both ends by our tendons, so it’s fixed completely at one end fixed completely at another end.

Now obviously to get an actual real knot in your muscle it would have to separate from its attachment points turn itself in a somersault and then reattach itself.

This is absolutely not what happens.

So there is no physical knot like this that develops in your muscle.

Basically what happens is nerves enter into the muscles and cause them to contract and sometimes, perhaps where the nerve enters the muscle, that fires a little bit more and that localized area of the muscle becomes a little bit more contracted than the body around it.

Then when we run our fingers over it feels like there’s a lump in the muscle before we continue on.

So all that is, is an area of increased tightening within muscle.

It hasn’t turned a somersault on itself and tied itself in a knot, it just means that that area within the one muscle is a little tighter and that can be released by things like foam rolling, massage, stretching and a little bit of gentle activity.

At the end of the day if your muscle had separated from the bone to tie itself into a knot you would have been in a lot of trouble.

So you can still use the term if you like, but just know that getting a knot in your muscle doesn’t mean it’s somersaulted.

It just means that it’s tight and needs a little bit of work.

I hope that’s been useful for you.

I look forward to bringing you the next Body Myth.

We’ll see you then. Bye!


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