This elbow prop will help you to prevent low back pain


Hi everyone, how are you going, Karen Finnin, here, Physiotherapist and Director of Online Physio.

Well, you may be wondering why I’m lying on the rug.

Well, what I’m doing is an elbow prop and this is something that I encourage everyone to do at the end of every day.

So basically, our lives these days cause us to be doing a lot of flexion with our back.

We do a lot of sitting, we sit to travel, we sit, we bend over to pack our bags we bend over to pick things up, we sit and catch up with friends, we sit and watch Netflix, we sit at our laptop.

Very much of our time is now spent flexing very little is spent back the other way.

However, our spine was designed to do both: bend one way, bend the other way be upright.

So our spine is happiest when it has flexibility in all directions.

Unfortunately, though over time with our modern-day lifestyle you lose this ability to bend back the other way.

I have a strict “no coffee table” rule in my house so that there’s always space, available to me to stretch and whenever I travel I’ve been known to drag coffee tables out of the way to create that space so that I can keep this going on the move.

It’s as simple as popping onto your tummy and propping on your elbows and then entertaining yourself with something in front of you.

Two to five minutes is often enough.

If you feel a bit of pulling or discomfort, that’s okay but if it’s any more than that of if it’s painful or causing you any symptoms then be sure to let your health professional know and discontinue it.

But regardless, everyone should spend a few minutes at the end of every day, propped on their elbows.

I do it and I think you should, too.

If you’ve got any questions, be sure to let me know and in the meantime, I better get my Netflix and watch the latest episode.

I’ll see you guys next time, bye.


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