What to Expect From Your Online Physiotherapy Consultation


Hi guys, Karen Finnin here, Physiotherapist and Director of Online Physio.

So today I wanted to tell you a little bit more about what happens in a consultation process with us at Online Physio.

You may have already just started a consultation and want to know more about what’s going to happen next, or you may be deciding whether it could be the right thing for you.

So basically the way it starts is selecting a consultation package, and the package varies according to the length of access that you will have with your therapist.

If you just have a minor injury and you want just an exercise program that you can follow yourself to keep on top of that niggle, then a Basic package where you have a week’s access could be the one for you.

If you want a little bit more back and forth to adjust your program, perhaps return to a particular sport or something like that, then the Standard consultation package gives you a month unlimited access to your therapist and adjustments of your program.

If you’ve got an injury that’s a little bit more involved, perhaps you’ve had surgery or it’s a longer-term injury that you need to rehab from, or you have structured training goals for a few months in the future then the VIP package gives you three months unlimited access and will allow you to, you know, adjust, communicate, really sort of go on that rehab journey with your therapist.

Once you’ve selected your package you click through to a form and it’s an automated and very smart form that will guide you through questions to give your therapist the information they need to start working out what could be going on with you.

The questions will change depending on what your answers are, so it will guide you down a pathway that suits your injury, the body part that you have involved, what you answer to some of the earlier questions will dictate what other questions come to you.

The more detailed you can answer these then the more helpful it will be for your therapist, and you can do this completely in your own time and you can initiate this form at any time of the day or night.

Once you’ve completed the form you’ll send that through to us and we’ll obviously receive notification that a consultation has commenced.

Your therapist will be assigned to you, they’ll have to read through your answers for that initial questionnaire, they’ll have a really good early understanding of what your issues have been.

They may then have some questions that they’ll email you back and forth with but the next big stage that happens is that they’ll send you through another really smart form, tailored to you, with some physical assessment tests to do.

Now again this can be done in your own time, whenever and wherever it suits you.

You click on the link and you’ll be guided through with some photographs and videos of what tests to do.

Now the most important thing here is safety and we put everywhere that if you’re not comfortable doing any of these movements or tests you simply don’t do them and you let us know that that’s the case, not an issue with that at all, you’re in complete control.

But these are just a simple series of tests that you do on yourself and give us feedback on.

You can either do written feedback or you can just video or photograph yourself doing the tests and send them through to us so that we can interpret them.

Once you’ve gone through those you send them through to us.

Again we receive, your therapist will receive that information and they’ve really built a great rounded picture of what they think is going wrong with you, and what we can therefore do to help you to get better.

Now from that point for those of you who choose a video consultation, that appointment can be made through a link that you’ll receive, and you and your therapist will get on a video call, but the great thing is, there’s less pressure on this video call because your therapist already has a great amount of information about your injury and it’s just confirming, just discussing, educating you and letting you know what the next steps are.

For those of you who don’t have the bandwidth or availability for video consultation, the process will continue with questions, answers, videos, digital images, back and forth until the therapist feels they have all the information they need to put your rehab plan together.

So, after this happens it’s all about the rehab plan, so you’ll get a report through with a description of your injury, what we suspect is going on, what we suspect has contributed to you developing this injury, and most importantly of course what we’re going to do about it.

You’ll get sent, to a free app on your phone, an exercise program.

This has really clear videos of the exercises that we want you to do as well as the suggested reps and amount of frequency that we want you to do them in.

You can set reminders to exercise each day, you can rate your pain each day, and you can give us comments on the exercises that we’ll receive from our end of the app.

From this point forward we’re able to communicate securely through a messaging feature within the app that we’re using.

It feels just like text messaging back and forth but it’s in a secure safe situation where you can freely ask your therapist questions whenever you like and they’ll respond to them at their next available time period.

From there on you communicate with your therapist to see how the exercises are going, how your injury is progressing and they’ll let you know if changes are required along the track, and you can let them know how you’re feeling and what you feel you need as well.

So that’s the entire consultation process here at Online Physio.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

It’s obviously a new way of doing things that we’ve found really effective and really helpful for people who can’t access traditional care, but of course it raises questions, so if you do have any, don’t hesitate to let us know.

You can visit www.www.online.physio for more information, or you can email me at karen@online.physio if you do have those questions.

Thanks guys, I hope that makes it more clear of what to expect with your online physiotherapy consultation and we look forward to seeing you next time.

Thanks guys. Bye!


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