What You Need To Do Before Starting A Jogging Program: Your Guide To Injury Prevention

Have you started your jogging program yet?

Well take those worn down runners off, grab a kombucha and sit down.

Don't start a thing until you've read my guide to preparing for a jogging program the right way!

Summer is here and your motivation to get in shape is high. This has lead you to do something crazy like book that half marathon you've always thought about conquering, hasn't it?

As a physiotherapist I see so many jogging injuries at this time of year, including patellofemoral joint pain, plantar fascitis and even low back pain.

The problem is, if you jump straight into a jogging program after doing no exercise over the winter, and neglect to do any form of preparation, your risk of injury is increased.

If you follow my simple guide you'll be running through that finish line in record time!


Selecting Shoes

Shoes aren't just a fashion statement and are so important from your first training session.

It is best to see a professional to make sure you buy the best shoe to suit your foot and running style.

I recommend finding a good podiatrist or going to a reputable running shoe shop like Athletes Foot.

They can do an assessment and find the right shoe for you.

Having a supportive shoe improves your running technique which can not only prevent injuries but also make your running more efficient.

Meaning better times!

Don't forget as you train your shoe will wear down.

Regular joggers need to buy new runners every 3-4 months.


Dealing With Old Injuries

Do you have any niggling injuries you have neglected?

It might be that achy knee that bothered you last year and has lingered around?

Getting old injuries seen to by a physiotherapist before starting a jogging program is often put aside.

I've heard patients say regularly that they thought as their fitness improved with jogging, their achy knee would go away.

Sometimes it might. But more often than not it doesn't.

So be proactive and rehabilitate your injuries first so your jogging program can be uninterrupted.

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Finding The Right Program

Now you're getting to the fun part - finding an individualized training program!

Your base level of fitness, and what distance you're aiming to achieve, will determine what training program suits you.

There are many ways to find the right one such as apps, guides from the event you've entered or be consulting a physiotherapist.

I like Nike + Run Club App. The Nike + Coach will guide you through your training based on your goals and fitness level.

It has Spotify playlists to keep you motivated and encouragement from elite athletes.


Strength Training

Jogging is high impact and very strenuous on your body.

To get the most out of your jogging program it is best complimented with strength training.

Something like a weekly Pilates or yoga class which is low impact is perfect to strengthen and stretch your body.

If you’d rather do your own thing read my article on “10 Minute Pilates Series: Hotel Room Workout That Requires No Equipment.

Recovery Strategy

Lastly, recovery is just as vital as the jogging itself.

It is also the most forgotten aspect of a jogging program.

After each jog make sure you have a 10 minute cool down program that consists of stretching and foam rolling.

This will ensure those muscles that have built up all that lactic acid and trigger points can release everything.

That way you are giving your muscles the best chance to repair and be ready for the next jog in the program.

At regular intervals over your training program I recommend getting a professional remedial massage to get deep into those muscles that are stubborn and don’t release with general stretching.

Now that you are prepared like a pro you can enjoy your training journey injury free.

Good luck

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